Our Team

Vasudeva Server brings together people from all over the world, with the aim of making websites that lift up the human spirit. Here we introduce you to a few of our developers, maintainers and content contributors:

Website development and maintenance

Jwalanta Voelckner Germany

Jwalanta helps with co-ordination of our mail services and Sri Chinmoy Races.org.

manavasu Manavasu Polansky Czech Republic

Manavasu does the high-level sysadmin necessary to keep our many Drupal sites purring along, and writes the scripts to enable the development workflow to keep going without bottlenecks.

Medur Wilson Canada

Medur develops Drupal modules and Java applications, with his particular focus being on the Sri Chinmoy Races site.

Nirbhasa Magee Ireland

Nirbhasa co-ordinates the development of our Drupal based sites. He maintains or co-maintains the the Domain Admin, Rearrange Child Pages and Domain Migrate modules on drupal.org.

pic Priyadarshan Bontempi Italy

Priyadarshan has also been a stalwart figure of Vasudeva Server since its very beginning, and has played a key role in bringing Vasudeva Server where it is today (and setting very high standards for the cooking of pasta and preparation of coffee…)

tejvan Tejvan Pettinger United Kingdom

Tejvan co-ordinates the development of our Vasudeva Server sites. He lives in Oxford where he teaches economics. He is also a pretty good amateur cyclist.

 Ashish Zubaty Czech

Contributor to Radio Sri Chinmoy.



Content contributors

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team members

Sri Chinmoy Centre Members

In Vasudeva Server, quality content is priority, and the people who provide it are as much (and even more so) a part of the team as the developers. Here are a few of the outstanding writers on our sites:

Utpal Marshall. Blogging at Perfection Journey

Jogyata Dallas New Zealand

Jogyata brings his experience of over 25 years practising meditation into his collection of stories, which touch on all the facets of human life. Visit Jogyata’s homepage on the Sri Chinmoy Centre site…


Sharani Robins United States

Sharani lives in Rhodes Island where she writes for her blog, Sharani.org Sharani also helps produce our series for talented writers, Inspiration-Letters and has an active photo gallery at Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Sumangali Morhall United Kingdom

Sumangali lives in York, and has over the years created a beautiful collection of poems and poetry, which you can read on sumangali.org or on her home page in the Sri Chinmoy Centre site