How To Set up A Blogger Blog

It is fairly straightforward to set up a blogger blog. Just follow the instructions at:

  1. You will need to Create a google Account
  2. Then click on Create Blog.
  3. Give it a Title and choose domain e.g.

Title: "How to Grow Potatoes"
Blog URL:

  1. Choose A Theme.
  2. Your blog is created!

To Use Your Own Domain Name

If you would prefer to have rather than You need a few extra steps.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Click on Publishing
  3. Click on Switch to Custom Domain
  4. Buy A Domain with Google. They will then switch your blog to your new domain name.
  • You can do this at any stage, google will automatically redirect your old .blogspot domain
  • You can buy a domain name elsewhere, but you will need to switch cmod or something like that. That starts to get a little more complicated.

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