Google Analytics

There are many statistics programmes which track web visitors. Google analytics is one of the best free statistics programmes.

To add Google analytics

  1. Visit Google analytics – you will be instructed to get a google account.
  2. Add your site and then add the code they give you into your web pages.

Blogger Template.

If you have a blogger (blogspot.domain). You would edit the blogger template and add the code.

WordPress Template.

In a wordpress, it is good to add the analytic code into the footer file

It will look like:

<script type="text/javascript">
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-17xxxxxx-6");

6. Giving Access to Others

Click on access manager, when you have logged in. This allows others to have access to your stats.

With Google Analytics You Can

  1. Track unique visitors, page loads.
  2. Find sites sending you traffic.
  3. Find the keyword searches that are sending people to your site.
  4. Find which countries people are coming from.
  5. Where People enter your site, how long they stay and where they exit.
  6. Many other features.

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