Finding Images in Public Domain

If you wish to use images, you need to be careful of copyright. These sources make sure that the images you use are in the public domain and free to use. However, you still need to check licence agreement, you will probably need to acknowledge source e.t.c.

1. Wikipedia Commons

If you wish to find an image of a person or place which is in public domain, Wikipedia or Commons Wikipedia is a good source.

E.g. for Nelson Mandela :

2. Flickr Creative Commons

If you visit advanced search at Flickr You can search through images which are licensed under a creative commons licence. Just click the box ‘search by creative commons’


N.B. Creative Commons means you need to still acknowledge author.

3. EveryStock Photo

Everystock Photo – searches through different public domain sources. But, you still need to check licence and rules for each image and site.

Fair Use of Images

Generally, using images does not fall into the category of ‘fair use’. However, under certain criteria images of dead people can fall into this criteria.

Royalty Free

Royalty Free means under a certain restrictions you can use the image without having to pay. But, note that the license may be restrictive for certain purposes.

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