Three minutes every hour

Sri Chinmoy, the inspiration behind Vasudeva Server, suggested once that having a small meditation every hour on the hour for three minutes could help you stay in an inspired frame of mind throughout the day. It is something I actually did many years ago when I was researching my PhD, when nobody really cared too much what you did with your time, but as the years progressed I somehow lost the habit. However working with computers means that sometimes you definitely need all the tools at your disposal in order to stay in an inspiring frame of mind ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought about it again recently, and started searching around for some application for my Mac that would toll the hour, so I could break of from what I was doing and meditate. It didn’t take me long to find Cuckoo – it basically installs itself in your System Preference pane. For an extra $6 you can get all kinds of extra bells and whistles, but the free version has what I need, a ding dong sound to mark the hour. (Note: the ‘Campanile’ tone seems custom-made for hourly meditation. Maybe in some future version they’ll even put in some Tibetan bells or an Aum chant to further make my day. )

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