Plone byline issues

One of the bees that’s been buzzing around in my bonnet recently is the issue of bylines in plone.

To me, any text that appears on a Plone page should be editable via a UI rather than having to edit a template. Ever since 2.1 the byline has been right at the top, so it might be one of the first things a new Plone user will wish to modify. An option to turn on/off the last modified date would be welcomed, some of our content contributors find it ugly and also a little misinformative if you have a site with contributors from all around the globe. At least it’s simple enough to remove the byline entirely, see here.

The same issue also applies to the colophon, the bit at the very bottom….

But to me the main issue is that to move the byline somewhere else requires a main template modification. I know its only cut and paste, but when you’re using other products with modified templates you kind of want to keep the clutter to a minimum. Since there’s only four places where 99% of sane Plone users will want to put their byline why not just have the ability to make that choice in a UI also?

Until things change, we are modifying the main template of our vsCore product to put the byline on the bottom right. We are also working on skin changes so that a photo of the page creator appears on the bottom right.

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