Wired Tree Hosting Review

In the past few years we have tried many hosting companies with a mixture of results. Unfortunately poor quality of hosting / support forced us to keep moving. Finding Wired Tree was a real boon as it helped stabilise our hosting environment and we are very happy to recommend their services.

Features of Wired Tree.

  • Technical Support is really first class. It is fast, responsive and has helped solve many problems.
  • The support staff are knowledgeable and polite. It really is great to have such a good quality backup. You also have a greater feeling of confidence.
  • Wired tree are also happy to go the extra mile and help in instances where other hosting companies may shrug their shoulders.
  • After using several hosting companies, Wired Tree is best by quite a long way.
  • Up time is excellent. There have  been a few small scheduled downtime, but these were given prior warnings. Overall, it is so much better than previous experiences.

We have two  managed hybrid servers, which has substantial available memory, and disc space for many drupal / static and wordpress sites.

(This is not a sponsored post and is without affiliate links.)

We hope they continue to grow and at the same time maintain that considerate personal touch you sometimes feel big companies lack.