Mozilla 2.0

This week Mozilla released the latest version of its popular Firefox browsers. Among the main benefits of Firefox 2.0 include:

  • Enhanced security Features new anti-phishing functionality, (identify’s scam sites)
  • Improved tabbed browsing.
  • Recovers your opened tabs if computer unexpectedly crashes. This will also save a half finished blog entry. – could be very useful.
  • More efficient use of memory. (Old versions could be heavy on memory use, causing my relatively small memory computer to close down) It is also worth pointing out that it is often "add on" products which use a lot of memory. Mozilla are trying to encourage these developers to use less.

very slowly internet explorer seems to be catching up with mozilla in terms of features. IE 7 has (for the first time) tabbed browsing and also boasts improved security settings. It will be interesting to see whether Mozilla is able to gain more market share.

Current market share

2006           IE7     IE6     IE5     Fx      Moz     N7/8    O7/8/9
October        3.1%    54.5%   3.2%    28.8%   2.4%    0.3%    1.4%

2003           IE6     IE5     Moz     N3      N7      N4      O7
November       71.2%   13.7%   7.2%    0.5%    1.6%    0.5%    1.9%

Generally Mozilla remain more popular with more experienced computer users with IE being first "choice" for most first time users.