ATImage tips

The default Image type in Plone (ATImage from the ATCT Product) is capable of scaling:

large : (768, 768)

preview : (400, 400)

mini : (200, 200)

thumb : (128, 128)

tile : (64, 64)

icon : (32, 32)

listing : (16, 16)

To access these sizes, append /image_XXX to the URL, where XXX is one of the above sizes.

Choosing ‘photoalbum view’ in the new ‘display’ menu when inside a folder containing images will result in a different view.

Example: if you reference /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif on this site you will have:

Listing: /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif/image_listing


Icon: /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif/image_icon


Tile: /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif/image_tile


Thumb: /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif/image_thumb


Mini: /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif/image_mini


Preview: /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif/image_preview


Large: /images/EasyBlog-Logo-1.gif/image_large


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