Evaluation of Blogger Software

If you are looking for a blog for your website, or just want a blog, the 2 most popular choices are:
Wordpress and Blogger.

Advantages of Blogger

  • Owned by Google; the biggest blog software, and it is Free
  • Easy to install and add to your exiting website. At Blog set up choose – "Advanced Set UP". You will need your FTP password e.t.c.
  • Can also be used as a standalone and hosted on Blogger’s servers, e.g. www.yoursite.blogspot.com
  • Easy to use and customise template.
  • Indexed very quickly by Google (not too surprising, since it is owned by Google. This is good for SEO
  • New features of www2.blogger include: blog labels. There are also hacks available, such as, teaser blog pages.
  • Google support group

Disadvantages of Blogger

  • With new blogger software hosted on external sites, I have frequently had blog publishing problems. (Sometimes takes a long time to publish, and then with errors – can be avoided by not having lables) Hopefully, these are problems which will be overcome soon, but it makes me reluctant to start more blogger blogs.

Other Blog Software to Consider:

WordPress – Good reviews, more features and plugins than blogger. Reliable software.

  • Example of WordPress Blog by Vasudevaservice CSS expert – John-Paul Gillespie
  • Free but does need installation, make sure your web host supports it. Not all do, some make it easy.

Type pad – Premier blog software, does cost though.

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